Dazzle Them with Cosmetic Bonding

Are you ashamed of your smile? Do you dream of straighter, whiter, more symmetrical teeth? What if you heard that you could address your concerns in as little as an hour, through an affordable cosmetic treatment at your dentist’s office? It sounds too good to be true, right. But cosmetic bonding can help give you a smile you’ll love showing off, without expensive or extensive treatment. Using a composite resin material, like that used in many modern fillings, the dentist can create the appearance of a more symmetrical smile, so you can leave feeling refreshed and ready to dazzle the world.

How Bonding Works

Dental bonding can offer many of the same benefits as porcelain veneers, such as improving the appearance of misshapen or disproportionally small teeth, covering gaps between teeth, or hiding permanent staining. However, bonding is far less expensive than veneers. That’s because bonding relies on the dentist’s own craftsmanship to help sculpt the resin into shape, rather than having special porcelain veneers ordered and then placed.

Once the resin has been sculpted, based on your desires for your smile, a light will be used to harden it and the dentist will then polish it, leaving you with an improved but still natural-looking smile.

In most cases, patients can improve their smiles in a single office visit through dental bonding.

Combining Treatment for Maximum Improvement

If only one or a few teeth need bonding, you may wish to have the rest of your smile whitened before the bonding treatment, in order to create your ideal smile. If some of your teeth are too large, your dentist may also recommend combining bonding with contouring, which helps make large teeth more symmetrical and smooth.

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