Dangers of Energy Drinks from Your Lake Forest Dentist

Some of the most popular products available today are energy drinks. It comes as no surprise that Americans love the stuff. Between 30 and 50% of teens alone consume them. Contents of these drinks promise long-lasting energy boosts through caffeine, sugar, and herbal ingredients. The effectiveness and safety of these ingredients have been debated for some time now. But how safe is your mouth? Find out what energy drinks can do to your teeth.

Energizing Tooth Decay

Studies show energy drinks corrode 3.1% of enamel on teeth. This decaying power comes from large amounts of citric acid, a flavor-enhancing preservative. This ingredient in particular can easily damage teeth. So, routinely drinking energy drinks equates to bathing teeth in citric acid. Damaging or losing tooth enamel leaves teeth vulnerable to dental caries (cavities). The acid from energy drinks de-mineralizes enamel, allowing teeth to decay. Over time, saliva naturally fills cracks in enamel by replenishing minerals. However, when teeth were submerged in energy drinks, then in saliva, results showed teeth had difficulty recovering from prolonged exposure to citric acid.

Cleaning Teeth after Energy Drinks

Not consuming energy drinks obviously prevents them from decaying teeth. But what if you can’t kick the habit quite yet? Rinse with water after an energy drink to clear your mouth of acid. Chewing gum also helps cleanse your teeth. Drinking and chewing produce saliva, your natural rinse that removes acid and re-mineralizes damaged enamel. Although you should brush after meals, brushing after energy drinks isn’t such a good idea. Teeth with weakened enamel may have more damage inflicted upon them by toothbrush bristles. If energy drinks have negatively affected your smile, your dentist could provide some solutions to restore teeth or stop tooth decay.

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