Could Your Smile Use Improvement? Consider Cosmetic Dentistry: Part Two

Smile Pretty this Spring with Cosmetic Dentistry

Why settle for smile imperfections, when cosmetic dentistry could enhance your smile? In fact, you might be able to leave your dentist’s office with your dream smile, in far less time that you might think! Spring is a time of renewal and new life, after all, so give your smile a chance to truly shine this season, through professional treatment like whitening, bonding, veneers, and more, which can help create an artistic and beautiful smile just for you!

Correct Teeth Problems with Cosmetic Treatment

  • Bonding and contouring are simple procedures, often performed together, in under an hour. Bonding relies on the same composite resin material used for many dental fillings, to help sculpt a more symmetrical smile. Contouring, on the other hand, is used to carefully etch portions of the teeth that are disproportionally large. Because of how fast they can be completed, these options are also quite affordable. However, the results of bonding may not be long-lasting, particularly if you are a heavy coffee or red wine drinker, or a tobacco user, as these can stain the composite resin.
  • Porcelain veneers come in, offering longer-lasting results. In fact, porcelain is very similar to natural teeth, so not only does it look natural, it can also be incredibly long-lasting. Many patients enjoy veneers for more than a decade without problem.
  • The biggest downside to veneers is the cost; they are more expensive than bonding and contouring. Just keep in mind they’re a great long-term investment, and also, many patients don’t require veneers on all their teeth in order to create a drastically improved smile.
  • Veneers can also take longer to complete than bonding and contouring, because they generally must be crafted and shipped to the dentist.
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