Could Your Smile Be Completed Comfortably and Seamlessly?

Time to Update Your Dental Restoration?

Are you embarrassed by your incomplete smile? Losing a tooth as an adult rarely elicits the same kind of joy it causes most children. That’s because losing a tooth as a child is a rite of passage, while losing a tooth (or several) as an adult can be a troubling indication of the passing of time. Worse, it can be the result of poor oral health, or even a long-neglected smile. Fortunately, it is never too late to enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile, even after tooth loss (or a scheduled extraction). In fact, there are actually a number of beautiful and natural-looking ways to restore smiles with modern prostheses, such as dental bridges or dental implants!

Dental Crowns Offer Versatile Protection

Many people don’t realize the many versatile ways porcelain dental crowns can be used to both restore damaged teeth, and to replace those that have fallen out or been extracted. Porcelain is similar to natural teeth, in that it is strong and stain resistant, making porcelain crowns a great, natural-looking way to address tooth damage or tooth loss. These crowns also age similarly to natural teeth, making them a lasting restorative option.

A Dental Bridge Could Help Complete Your Smile

To help hold full dental crowns in place, many dentists recommend the use of either dental bridges or dental implants. Bridges involve carefully affixing crowns to remaining teeth, to help hold a replacement tooth, such as a full crown or a pontic, firmly in place. Dental implants involve surgically inserting titanium posts to hold a replacement tooth, like a dental crown, in place.

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