Could Teeth Whitening Give You a Brighter Smile?

Could Teeth Whitening Give You a Whiter Smile?

Are you embarrassed by the color of your teeth? Over the past few months or years have your teeth begun to look yellow or even grey? Discolored teeth can cause your smile to look much older than it is, and they can certainly be a source of embarrassment for many. To some extent, staining is inevitable, as many of the foods and drinks you enjoy can begin to stain the porous enamel of your teeth. Fortunately cosmetic dentistry provides an effective solution for addressing staining, in the form of professional teeth whitening, which can leave patients with dramatically whiter smiles. So if you are tired of feeling insecure, because of the stains on your smile, it is time to consider professional teeth whitening.

When Is It Time to Seek Professional Dentistry?

If you are positive that you want to lighten your teeth, but unsure whether or not professional whitening through a cosmetic dentist is the best option for your smile, it is important to understand what sets professional treatment apart from over-the-counter products designed for teeth whitening.

While there are many safe OTC products that claim to lighten teeth, few are designed to provide dramatic results quickly. Some, like whitening toothpaste, spend so little time on the surface of your teeth, it is unlikely that they will be able to provide dramatic results. Professional whitening, however, uses prescription-grade whitening agents designed to quickly brighten teeth, often by more than eight shades in a single course of treatment, which is often around two weeks.

So if you want to lighten your teeth by more than a few shades, and particularly if you are looking for noticeable and fast results, now is a great time to schedule a consultation with your cosmetic dentist, who could help provide you with a more dazzling smile!

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