Could Teeth Bleaching Make Your Smile Brighter?

Could Teeth Bleaching Make Your Teeth Brighter?

Who doesn’t want to feel stunning when summer rolls around? A bright and shiny smile is a big part of that equation. After all, many people agree someone’s smile is the first thing they notice upon meeting a new person. Make sure yours is ready to make a great impression, and to continue making you look good, by considering professional teeth bleaching. Unlike over-the-counter whitening products, professional teeth whitening/bleaching is designed to make teeth noticeably brighter and whiter, leaving you with something to smile about!

Professional Whitening Creates Dramatic Results

While there are numerous over-the-counter options that promise whitening, not all are designed equally. In fact, many are designed to only subtly change the teeth’s shade, and often over an extended period of time.

Professional teeth bleaching, on the other hand, is created specifically to produce dramatic results fast by using prescription-grade whitening agents that have been proven both safe and effective.

It’s common for patients to enjoy teeth lightened by eight shades or more, through professional treatment. For anyone looking to create noticeable results, fast, professional bleaching is often the best option!

Even Permanent Stains Can Be Corrected Through Cosmetic Dentistry

When a person’s staining or discoloration is intrinsic, rather than on the surface of the teeth, or permanent, bleaching will not be a viable option. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean that achieving a whiter smile is impossible. Instead of recommending a whitening treatment, your cosmetic dentist may suggest cosmetic bonding or porcelain veneers to hide the staining, and to create the appearance of a much brighter smile.

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