Could Professional Teeth Whitening Help You Smile Proudly?

Could Professional Teeth Whitening Improve Your Smile?

When you head to the movies, is it the stars’ smiles that mesmerize you even more than the plotlines? Is that because you have spent several months, or even years, struggling with insecurity due to discoloration or staining of your own teeth? Few attributes inspire as much confidence as a beautiful smile. Sadly, even relatively minor imperfections in the teeth can create just as much insecurity. If you are ready to do something about severe staining, it is time to speak with your cosmetic dentist about how professional teeth whitening could help. In fact, you might be surprised to learn just how dazzling your smile could be, after professional whitening!

Are You Unhappy with the Discoloration of Your Teeth?

The teeth’s enamel is naturally strong and stain resistant. Unfortunately, it is still porous, which is what allows the foods and drinks people consume to stain the enamel over time. Some products are particularly troublesome for teeth, either due to their bold hue or their acidity. Some juices and wines, for instance, can lead to staining, while coffees, sodas and many teas can also heighten discoloration. Tobacco products are one of the most notorious causes of staining, often leaving teeth looking yellow, grey or simply dark.

Ready for Noticeable Results?

Fortunately, professional teeth whitening is able to help lighten teeth and to restore their natural vibrancy. In fact, professional teeth whitening or bleaching can often lighten teeth by close to eight shades, during a single course of treatment.

So, if you have been unhappy with the results of over-the-counter whitening products in the past, or if you are simply ready for more dramatic results, consider professional whitening.

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