Could Healthy Foods Protect Your Teeth?

Could Healthy Foods Protect Your Teeth?

Did you know that March marks more than just the start of spring, and of course St. Patrick’s Day? It is also National Nutrition Month, a campaign which was created to help raise awareness about the importance of eating healthy foods to fuel healthy bodies. While primarily aimed at helping people maintain healthy weights and energy levels, this is also a good chance to learn more about how what you eat impacts your oral health, particularly how you can better protect your smile against common problems like cavities.

What Should You Eat for a Healthy Smile?

There are several foods that are actually great for oral health, not to mention they can supply your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs. Vegetables and fruits, for instance, tend to be high in nutrients and low in sugar. They’re also often filled with water, which is great for one’s smile, since it helps create saliva. Saliva helps to break down foods, and also limits plaque’s ability to stick to teeth.

Lean proteins, healthy fats like nuts, and dairy products can also offer beneficial nutrients, and many are low in sugar. You should read labels when purchasing any prepackaged items, though. That’s because seemingly healthy options like yogurt, or even some milk products, can still be high in sugar, which can contribute to plaque buildup.

What You Drink Matters Too!

What you drink can have an even greater impact on oral health, and that is because people tend to drink slower than they eat, allowing the sugars and acidity in their beverages to spend longer on the surface of teeth. This is why people who regularly drink sweetened beverages like sodas, sweet teas, and even many juices and smoothies, are at greater risk fo cavities.

Protect your smile by drinking mostly water, and limiting sweet drinks to occasional treats, rather than sipping on them all day long.

Could Your Loved One Benefit from a Dental Implant?

If your smile could stand to be a few, or even several, shades lighter, talk t your dentist about how cosmetic treatment could help? You can call Lake Forest Dental Arts in Lake Forest, IL, today at 847-234-0517, to schedule an appointment.

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