Could Flossing Help Keep Your Smile Healthier?

Want to Know If Flossing Is Really Important?

Are you an avid tooth brusher but only an occasional flosser? Worse, do you actually only floss rarely, if ever at all? Many people think that diligent tooth brushing can help to prevent cavities and other dental problems, without the need for flossing. Some also consider mouthwash to be an acceptable substitute for flossing. Basically, many adults question why dentists are so frequently and so strongly urging their patients to floss. The short answer is because flossing helps to clean parts of the teeth that brushing alone cannot reach. So, if you truly want to enjoy great dental health, flossing should be part of your daily dental care routine.

What Is the Big Deal About Flossing?

Ever wondered why flossing is supposed to be so important, or whether or not you can adequately prevent dental problems without the need for flossing? Have you felt too embarrassed to simply ask your dentist about it?

Well flossing serves an important role in preventive dental care. It essentially helps to clean a surface of the teeth that would otherwise go unreached during normal daily activity, therefore creating a breeding ground for bacteria to calcify. Over time, this can lead to the acidic plaque buildup responsible for creating cavities, and which can contribute to gum disease, as well.

Basically, failing to floss is much like only washing two thirds of your body. Part of you might be clean, but eventually the portion that is routinely going unwashed would begin to smell, and potentially cause health problems, as well. Failing to floss leaves a portion of your teeth at a greater risk of developing problems!

How Can You Help to Protect Your Smile?

Fortunately, flossing is not difficult or even time consuming. In fact, with just a little practice it can become a simple yet important addition to your oral care. There really isn’t a “wrong way” to floss, so long as you are using a clean portion of floss to gently clean in between each tooth.

That said, if you need a refresher on how to floss, check out one of the helpful videos provided by the American Dental Association.

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