Could Drinking More Water Protect Your Oral Health?

Can Water Protect Your Oral Health?

As someone who takes great pride in your smile, you likely already take several steps to help keep your teeth and gums healthy. You may brush and floss daily, and attend regular preventive dental checkups and cleanings. You might even avoid foods that are high in sugar, which can contribute to cavity development and other dental issues. But there is another important factor in preserving your oral health, and that is drinking plenty of water each day. Like your body and your brain, your smile relies on water to remain healthy. So, if you have a tendency of avoiding H20, or opting for caffeine instead, it’s time you start developing a better water drinking habit, so that you can continue to enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile!

Why Is Water So Essential to the Smile’s Health?

Water serves a variety of function, when it comes to your smile. First, it can actually help rinse food particles and bacteria from the surface of your teeth after meals and snacks. It can even help to drink water after sodas and other sweetened beverages, as it can help rinse more of the sugar from your smile. Of course, brushing is an even better option for removing food, sugar, and bacteria. When that’s not an option, though, reaching for a glass of water is a good idea.

Another benefit of drinking water is that it helps produce saliva, which many people don’t realize is a natural defense against plaque buildup. That is because saliva makes it harder for plaque bacteria to stick to the surface of the teeth, where it can eventually lead to cavities. So, drinking water is a great way to better defend against cavities and other dental problems.

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