Could a Porcelain Crown Change Your Smile for the Better?

Do You Need a Dental Crown?

For years, people worried that seeking restorative dental treatment would repair their smiles functionally, but damage their appearance. That is because unsightly gold or metal crowns were the main form of restoration, for many years, which were easily spotted and often uncomfortable, particularly for patients with metal allergies. Fortunately porcelain crowns offer a more seamless alternative, one that can still improve your oral health, without sacrificing your smile’s beauty in the process. So if you’re tired of struggling with a decayed tooth or other dental problem, schedule an appointment with your dentist, soon!

When Is a Porcelain Crown the Right Choice?

If you have suffered a particularly bad cavity, or another dental issue that has left your tooth damaged, you should talk with your dentist about the benefits of a porcelain crown.

A crown helps protect a fragile tooth, by creating a barrier against food particles and bacteria, which can begin to erode the enamel further, if allowed to enter the tooth.

And a porcelain crown, in particular, has esthetic benefits as well, because the porcelain will be made to match your other teeth. That way you don’t have to sacrifice your smile’s beauty, in order to restore your health.

Could a Dental Bridge Be the Answer?

If you have lost a tooth, and are looking for a more stable solution than an unsupported denture, a dental bridge offers a great alternative. By affixing crowns to teeth adjacent to the gap, a dental bridge can create a stable support for a prosthetic, which also benefits from the beauty of porcelain crowns!

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