Could A Drink A Day Help Your Heart?

People who consume moderate levels of alcohol each day are 30-60% less likely to suffer from heart disease. Furthermore, these folks are less likely to die if they do suffer a heart attack. Senior citizens who drink moderately are less likely to have heart failure.

Research shows, women who consume a drink or two, and men who consume two to four drinks, a day have increased HDL, which we call “good” cholesterol. HDL actually removes “bad” cholesterol from your blood, and this reduces hardening of the arteries. In addition, moderate alcohol consumption lowers the risk for blood clots that cause heart attacks.

In addition to the heart health benefits, some research suggests that a drink or two each day reduces the risk for ischemic strokes, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. One recent study revealed that middle-age women who have a drink five to seven days a week tend to “age better.” This means that they are less likely to suffer heart disease, diabetes, cognitive impairment, memory problems, and physical limitations at age 70 and over.

Alcohol isn’t a good idea for everyone. Your physician can tell you whether a drink a day would do your body good.

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Source: UC Berkley Foundations of Wellness; PLoS Magazine

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