Could a Dental Crown Improve Your Smile?

Could a dental crown Help Your Smile?

Are you tired of suffering dental discomfort, due to an untreated cavity? Tired of feeling embarrassed by a noticeably chipped or cracked front tooth? You may already realize that restorative dentistry could help address your sensitivity and improve your comfort, after suffering from tooth damage or decay. But did you know that many restorations can actually help to improve the smile’s appearance, as well. Porcelain dental crowns, for instance, help to create comfortable and beautiful restorations, allowing patients to get back to enjoying their meals and lives without the embarrassment, frustration or discomfort that can result from dental problems.

What Makes Crowns So Versatile?

Dental crowns are excellent and versatile options for restorative treatment, because they can help to address dental decay and other damage, like chips or cracks. They are effective because crowns help to seal teeth against exposure to bacteria and food particles, which can lead to increasing sensitivity, but also infection.

Crowns also help to improve a person’s comfort by protecting the sensitive layer beneath the enamel, the dentin, which is generally responsible for creating heightened sensitivity and discomfort in the case of dental damage or decay.

How Can a Dental Crown Improve Your Smile

Porcelain crowns are a form of restorative treatment that can improve the smile’s appearance, as well as its comfort. That is because porcelain crowns can be custom made to blend nearly seamlessly within a person’s smile, allowing for increased confidence as well as comfort. If you want a natural-looking restoration, talk to your dentist about the many benefits of choosing a porcelain crown.

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