Could a Dental Crown Be What Your Tooth Needs?

Could a Dental Crown Be What Your Tooth Needs?

Are you tired of suffering from discomfort whenever you try to enjoy a meal or even a drink, lately? Tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a noticeable chip or crack in one of your teeth? If you are struggling with a decayed or otherwise damaged tooth, it’s time to see a restorative dentist. Prompt treatment like a porcelain crown can help to save your tooth, and to prevent a painful infection from forming. Thanks to modern forms of restoration, your smile could even look better after treatment, while also feeling restored!

Don’t Delay a Restorative Appointment

One key to saving compromised or fragile teeth, is seeking treatment at the first sign of trouble, rather than delaying a dental visit. The longer you wait to address a problem, the more likely it is to progress, potentially to the point of infection which would require root canal therapy to address.

That’s because teeth are strong, but porous. So over time, foods, drinks, and exposure to products like tobacco can erode the enamel, potentially causing cavities and even gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease.

How Can a Crown Help You Smile Again?

A dental crown can help to protect a damaged tooth by creating a tight seal against further wear as well as exposure to bacteria. It can also do so beautifully. That’s because modern crowns can be made of dental-grade porcelain, which is incredibly customizable and actually quite similar to natural tooth enamel. This allows for natural-looking restorations, which can last for more than a decade with proper care.

Does Your Smile Need Restoration?

When teeth become damaged, prompt restoration is important. Call Lake Forest Dental Arts in Lake Forest, IL, today at 847-234-0517 to schedule a restorative appointment. We also proudly serve residents of Chicago and all surrounding communities.

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