Cosmetic Bonding or Veneers, Which Is Right for Me?

Veneers or Cosmetic Bonding? Which Is for You

If you have done any research at all, you likely already know that there are a number of cosmetic dental treatments which can help hide imperfections and highlight the natural beauty of your smile. Still, it can be difficult determining which treatment is right for you, particularly if you have never spoken to a cosmetic dentist before. At first glance, cosmetic bonding and veneers may seem incredibly similar, as both can effectively hide imperfections like disproportionally sized or shaped teeth. But on closer inspection, they each have unique benefits and a few drawbacks. So determining which is right for you is simply a matter of weighing those distinct pros and cons.

When Is Cosmetic Bonding the Ideal Solution?

Both bonding and veneers offer can be effective solutions to a number of esthetic issues, such as teeth that appear too small, misshapen, permanently stained or even spaced with gaps between them. But bonding offers two important benefits, when compared to veneers. It is more affordable and faster. In fact, most patients can have bonding completed in under an hour!

That’s because it relies on the dentist’s own abilities to craft a composite resin onto the teeth, in a way that hides any noticeable imperfections. This material bonds well with teeth, and looks natural, creating a fast and affordable solution for crafting smile improvements.

When Do Veneers Shine?

However, where porcelain veneers really shine, is in their durability and, subsequently, their longevity. Because veneers are crafted of durable dental porcelain, they often last far longer than the results of bonding, which can chip, crack or stain over time.

In fact, porcelain is 90 percent as strong and stain resistant as your teeth’s natural enamel, which helps veneers age naturally, and makes them easy to care for, as well.

For patients willing to invest more money and time, upfront, veneers are a wonderful cosmetic treatment that’s truly a great long-term investment in one’s smile.

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