Cosmetic Bonding Can Enhance Your Smile This Fall

Whiten Your Teeth This Fall

Is there any better time of year for bonding, than when the weather finally starts to cool? Cold winds and long night make for excellent cuddling time, around a bonfire or just a good movie, there are ample opportunities to squeeze in a little more time with the folks you love this fall. But, if you want to do so with more confidence in your smile, cosmetic bonding could be the solution. In fact, it’s such a fast form of cosmetic treatment you could still head into all your autumnal actives with a greatly enhanced smile!

What Bonding Does and How It Works

Bonding is a minimally invasive procedure that can help improve the appearance of your smile. During this treatment the cosmetic dentist applies a composite resin material to your teeth, and then sculpts it into shape. This can help erase imperfections such as jagged edges or disproportionally small teeth, and even minor gaps between them. The resin can also adequately cover permanent staining that whitening cannot fix, so you can have a dazzling smile.

Once the resin has been hardened using a special light, and polished to create a sheen, it creates a durable cosmetic enhancement. The resin is actually the same material used for many dental fillings, because of its strength and ability to so seamlessly match natural teeth. It also bonds well with your teeth!

Perhaps best of all, though, bonding can generally be completed in less than an hour during a single dental visit. This allows you to quickly fix concerns with your smile that may have existed for years.

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