Cleaning Up: Alternative Uses for Dental Hygiene Products

How frustrating is it when you’re almost—but not quite—out of toothpaste, or when there’s only a little left at the bottom of the mouthwash bottle? “Waste not, want not.” There are many uses for old household uses of dental products. Your old toothbrush still has life left in it as well! We’ve collected a short list of alternative uses for dental products around the home.

Household uses of dental products – Old Toothbrushes

Nothing beats an old toothbrush for scrubbing hard-to-reach areas. Tile grout, the corners and crevices of appliances, shoe soles, computer mice and keyboards are all conquered by the humble toothbrush. A dry brush is great for gentle cleaning; use it on suede or to get ashes out of fabric. Toothbrushes make great nail brushes as well. Additionally, an old, sterilized toothbrush can find new life as a pet toothbrush—just remember to use pet toothpaste.

Rinse Odors Away with Mouthwash

Use sugar-free, alcohol-based mouthwash to deodorize funky clothes: Add a cup in the wash with water. Mouthwash kills the bacteria that cause bad breath and plaque, and it kills plenty of other microbes as well. Use a mouthwash-soaked cotton swab to fight nail fungus, athlete’s foot, and underarm odor. Dandruff, which is often a fungal or yeast overgrowth, also responds well to mouthwash; use it as a rinse between your shampoo and conditioner.

Clean Up with Toothpaste

Like mouthwash, toothpaste is great at removing odors. If you’re using it around the house, choose a non-gel toothpaste without baking soda. Use it to get garlic and onion smells off hands, or to remove sour smells from thermoses, baby bottles, and food containers. The gentle abrasives in toothpaste make it great for putting a shine on chrome, and it can even be used to buff out scratches on CDs and DVDs. Use a soft cloth and gentle, even strokes from the center to the outside edge, and clean the disc with rubbing alcohol after you’ve wiped all the toothpaste off.

Don’t forget to have enough mouthwash and toothpaste on hand to keep your mouth clean, too. Regular dental cleanings reach what brushing can’t. If you haven’t had a dental cleaning in the last six months, you’re due for one soon. Call us today at (847) 234-0517 to schedule your next appointment with Dr. Fondriest. Our office serves patients in Chicago’s North Shore area.