Chicago, See How Beautiful Dental Bridges Can Be

In a recent blog, we explained how dental bridges from Chicago cosmetic dentist Dr. James Fondriest can replace missing teeth. Today, we will look at examples of the beautiful bridgework that Dr. Fondriest has placed for some of his patients.

The bridges that Dr. Fondriest designs and places are created by a world-class ceramist. They blend naturally with existing teeth with gorgeous results. See for yourself:  Before she received her bridgework, the patient above was missing her left lateral incisor. Dr. Fondriest and his ceramist created permanent porcelain bridgework that paid extra attention to specifically shaping the tooth so that it would look like a natural tooth growing out of the gum. Matching the surface textures of the bridge to the other natural teeth also posed a challenge.
Dental bridge

A beautiful porcelain bridge done by Dr Fondriest. Other examples:

Are you missing teeth but want a smile as beautiful as Dr. Fondriest’s patients above? Call Lake Forest Dental Arts today at 847.234.0517 for your appointment or consultation. Dr. Fondriest is a conservative cosmetic dentist who serves patients from the greater Chicago area.

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