Unique Mother’s Day Gift: Teeth Whitening in Chicago

Don’t Get Mom the Heart Necklace Again

Are you one of the hundreds of people who got their mom some kind of necklace or bracelet that would forever symbolize her matronly pride to the world? Are you also one of the hundreds of people who have not seen your mother wearing that necklace since last year? This Mother’s Day, think outside of the jewelry box. Consider giving your mother something she will want to wear every day: a whiter smile.

A Mother’s Day Gift She We Love

This Mother’s Day gift is almost fool-proof. In a recent study, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry reported that the most requested cosmetic dental procedure that year was teeth whitening. In fact, when asked, “what would you like to change about your smile?” the number one answer was “brighter/whiter teeth.”

At-Home Whitening Kits in Chicago

At Lake Forest Dental Arts, teeth whitening could not be more convenient. We offer at-home whitening kits so that mom can whiten her teeth whenever it is convenient for her. Whether she is on her way to work, doing chores around the house, or getting ready for bed, she can use her customized whitening trays to make her smile up to ten shades brighter.

How Teeth Whitening Works

The whitening treatment will work by using custom fabricated whitening trays that will hold the beach firmly to the surface of her tooth. Your mom will just have to come for one office visit to have her trays fitted, and another visit to pick up her customized whitening solution. The bleaching material will gradually brighten the shade of her smile by oxidizing the tooth and allowing oxygen to remove deeper surface stains. After just a few days of treatment your mom will begin to see noticeable results.

Considerations for Teeth Bleaching

Remember that extra teeth whitening procedures may be necessary to correct teeth that are stained from tetracycline. Additionally, teeth whitening treatments will not work on porcelain veneers, dental bonding, or other dental restorations like porcelain crowns. Teeth whitening usually works best on healthy, natural teeth.

Chicago Cosmetic Dentistry

Make an appointment with Lake Forest cosmetic dentist, Dr. James Fondriest today to learn more about teeth whitening in Chicago. You can contact our Lake Forest dentist office at (847)234-0517. We serve patients from the North Shore, and Chicago.



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