Protect Your Teeth on National Potato Chip Day

March 14th, is designated as National Potato Chip Day. Most people probably don’t celebrate this day with gusto and many may be unaware that the potato chip has its own holiday. However, potato chips are a favorite snack among Americans. In fact, you can find a bag of potato chips in the pantries of nine out of ten households. Although potato chips are tasty, they may damage your teeth. Our team at Lake Forest Dental Arts provides some interesting facts about potato chips and discusses ways to protect your teeth from this salty snack.

Potato Chip Trivia

The potato chip, as we know it today, was invented by a chef named George Crum in 1853. A patron at his restaurant kept sending fried potatoes back to the kitchen because they were too thick. Chef Crum’s cheeky solution involved slicing the potatoes so thin before frying them that the picky eater couldn’t eat them with a fork. To Chef Crum’s surprise the potato chip caught on like wildfire and became a steady fixture on his menu.

  • In 1824, the first recorded recipe for potato chips referred to them as “fried shavings.”
  • Potato chips were included in WWII’s food rationing movement. For a short period of time, potato chips were not available to the public.
  • Most people eat about six pounds of potato chips each year.
  • At first, potato chips were originally sold in bulk to grocery stores. Manufacturers did not package them for individuals.

Oral Hygiene Tips for Potato Chip Eaters

Potatoes are naturally very starchy. The harmful bacteria in your mouth thrive off starches and sugars. Dr. James Fondriest recommends that our patients eat starchy and sugary foods in moderation. Since potato chips are thin, small pieces may become lodged in the hard-to-reach crevices of your teeth. We recommend that you brush and floss your teeth after eating potato chips.

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