Lake Forest Cosmetic Dentist Celebrates National Dentist Day

March 6th  is National Dentist Day. Dentists provide invaluable services to their communities. Preserving your oral health and enhancing your smile are Dr. James Fondriest’s top priorities. Our staff believes that cosmetic dentistry is an art form. We use state-of-the-art techniques that provide our patients with flawless, white smiles. Dentistry has come a long way over the years. Advancements in general and cosmetic dentistry are attributed to creative individuals who have a passion for their work. In light of National Dentist Day, our team honors some of history’s most famous dentists.

Famous Dentists in History

Celsus – Although not a dentist by trade, Celsus compiled medical records for doctors who treated dental problems. His thorough medical journals recorded common treatment methods for dental ailments. His writings discussed symptoms of gum disease and other oral problems. Treatment methods during his time included applying topical narcotics to relieve pain and astringents to disinfect oral lesions.

Pierre Fauchard – This French dentist is often credited as “Father of Modern Dentistry.” His treatise on dentistry was used for centuries by medical professionals. He wrote extensively on dental conditions and procedures such as periodontal disease and tooth extractions. Dr. Fauchard also developed orthodontic apparatuses to straighten smiles.

Dr. Greene Vardiman Black – In the early 1900’s, Dr. Black postulated that gum disease and dental caries were infectious diseases caused by bacteria. His dental contemporaries didn’t acknowledge his claim. However, in the 1960’s, Dr. Black’s theory was accepted as scientific truth by the American medical community.

Although today is a special day for dentists throughout the country, Dr. Fondriest is hard at work enhancing his patients’ smiles. We invite you to take advantage of modern dentistry by learning more about our restorative and cosmetic services. If you’re looking to achieve a white, uniform smile, contact Lake Forest Dental Arts at (847) 234-0517 to schedule a smile makeover consultation. We serve patients from Glenview, Winnetka, North Shore, Highland Park, Chicago, and the surrounding communities.

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