Mouth Reconstruction Services in Chicago

Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Have you ever heard of the terms full mouth reconstruction, mouth restoration, and mouth rehabilitation? These terms essentially mean the same thing: a smile makeover. Reconstruction of the mouth and/or teeth includes an array of procedures that create a uniform smile, restore proper jaw alignment, and improve overall oral health.  Although a mouth restoration can take months to complete, many patients report that they feel better about themselves and believe that the quality of their life has vastly improved.

What Types of Situations Require a Mouth Reconstruction?

What kinds of procedures are involved with a mouth reconstruction?

Mouth reconstruction can involve varying combinations of different procedures. The extent of each procedure largely depends on the individual needs of the patient. Below are some common reconstructive procedures.

If I Think I Need a Complete Smile Makeover, What Should I do Next?

Schedule a consultation with Dr. James Fondriest if you would like to learn more about a mouth reconstruction. Our mission is to provide services tailored specifically to each individual patient. Every patient’s needs are different and we will implement a plan that addresses your specific problem areas. Our team will work with you from start to finish. We will compassionately assist you every step of the way to restore your smile. Lake Forest Dental Arts strives to improve self-esteem, restore confidence, and provide the best dental care possible.

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