Oral Health Trivia from Your Chicago Cosmetic Dentist

How much do you know about your teeth and oral health? Are you a whiz at dentistry? Dr. James Fondriest and our team at Lake Forest Dental Arts believe that patient education is important for maintaining optimal oral health. Feel free to test your dental knowledge with the short quiz we have composed below!

Chicago Dental Knowledge Quiz

  1. Teeth are made of bone. True/False
  2. Incisors are the sharpest teeth in your mouth. True/False
  3. Your teeth contain stem cells. True/False
  4. Tooth enamel is the strongest substance on the planet. True/False
  5. Some people never develop wisdom teeth. True/False
  6. Cavities are the chief cause of tooth loss. True/False


  1. False – Teeth are composed of many layers of minerals and tissues.
  2. False – Canines are the sharpest teeth in your mouth. These teeth assist with tearing food.
  3. True – Teeth, especially baby teeth, contain dental stem cells. Current research shows that these stem cells can be used anywhere in the body.
  4. False – Tooth enamel is composed of strong minerals but it is actually the second strongest substance on the planet.
  5. True – Surprisingly, many people do not develop wisdom teeth.
  6. False – Gum disease, not cavities, are the primary cause of tooth loss in adulthood.


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