Cheers to a Beautiful Smile This Year

Cosmetic Dentistry This Year

If your main goal for the new year is to improve your smile, don’t put it off any longer. Sure, many resolutions fall by the wayside once the year actually starts. But that doesn’t have to be the case, and if you’ve long struggled with insecurity because of imperfections in your smile, it shouldn’t be. The start of a new season is actually a perfect time to call and schedule an appointment with your cosmetic dentist, someone who can help you check that resolution off your list quickly and beautifully! Plus, enhancing your smile’s natural beauty is a wonderful way to improve your overall confidence and even your attitude. So, as you venture into a new year, do so with a smile you will be proud to show off!

What Can a Cosmetic Dentist Do for You?

Cosmetic dentistry provides several ways to address esthetic concerns, from staining to a disproportional or uneven gumline. While all treatments can improve a smile, some are far more extensive and expensive than others. Which treatment is right for you, or if several must be combined, can be determined by first consulting with your dentist about the concerns that are bothering you, and what your goals for your smile are.

In many cases, a combination of treatments is the most effective way to drastically improve a smile. For instance, many patients opt to have all their teeth whitened, before having cosmetic bonding or veneers completed on a few disproportional or jagged teeth. Other patients may need gum contouring to reduce excessive gum tissue, followed by veneers on a few teeth. Seeking treatment from a dentist that specializes in custom smile makeovers or artistic dentistry, can help ensure that your smile is both beautiful and natural-looking, when completed.

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