Celebrate This Spring with a Brighter Smile

Smile Brighter with Professional Teeth Whitening

Is there anything more exciting than feeling the sunshine on your shoulders, after several weeks of cold and rainy days? Wouldn’t you love to get that same feeling each time you look in the mirror? If so, your cosmetic dentist can certainly help, and possibly even faster and more simply than you might think. Professional teeth whitening is a wonderful way to update your smile. By lightening stains and brightening your teeth, this simple treatment can give you a smile you’ll be proud to show off, in both sunshine and rain.

What Makes Professional Whitening Different?

You may have tried over-the-counter whitening products in the past, but were you satisfied with the results? If not, it could be time to try professional whitening, instead. Professional whitening through a cosmetic dentist offers a number of benefits compared to both OTC options and home remedies, you may have seen shared online.

For instance, many common complaints with OTC whitening options, is that some products may only lighten teeth slightly, others might take extended use or time (which could be damaging to the teeth’s enamel), and some may cause sensitivity to the gum tissue or create inconsistent results.

Fortunately, professional whitening is able to offer an effective alternative! Only whitening through a cosmetic dentist is able to supply patients with professional-grade products, designed to provide consistently dramatic results, both quickly and safely. Most professional products are able to lighten teeth between five and ten shades, in approximately two week’s time, sometimes less.

A cosmetic dentist can also help supply you with custom-whitening trays, that help to keep the whitening product evenly dispersed on your teeth, and safely off your sensitive gum tissues. So if you know you’d like a brighter smile, to celebrate spring, talk to your cosmetic dentist about what whitening could do for you!

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