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How to Relieve Chronic Jaw Pain

Jaw pain isn’t as common as tooth discomfort, but it’s common enough to be a serious, chronic problem for millions of patients. However, unlike toothaches, the specific cause of persistent jaw pain isn’t always clear, and therefore, you might not immediately know how best to treat it. Fortunately, your dentist does. A thorough examination will… Read more »

Can TMJ Disorder Make Your Teeth Sensitive?

When TMJ disorder (or temporomandibular joint disorder) strikes, it can have several wide-ranging consequences. Depending on the exact nature and extent of your condition, those may include sore and painful facial muscles, a popping/clicking jaw, and in some cases, increasingly more sensitive teeth. Though the dysfunction centers on your jaw’s joints (TMJs), one of the… Read more »

How Can I Relieve Jaw Pain at Home?

When it comes to your dental health, there are no home remedies that actually help you cure chronic conditions. In the case of jaw pain, for instance, the discomfort typically results from an issue with the alignment of your jaw and/or teeth, or a discrepancy with your jaw joints and muscles. Fortunately, some people may… Read more »

A Few More Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

As the pivots that allow your jaw to move, your temporomandibular joints (TMJs) play a significant role in how you use your mouth every day. Consequently, TMJ disorder can have a significant impact on your bite’s everyday function, and as a result, it can generate a host of different issues beyond jaw pain. Today, we… Read more »

Why Does TMJ Disorder Have So Many Symptoms?

TMJ disorder is one of the most challenging oral health issues to detect and diagnose, which is mainly due to the fact that its symptoms are so diverse. Unlike a cavity or case of gingivitis, which may have only a few, distinct symptoms (like toothaches), TMJ disorder can lead to jaw pain, headaches, earaches, muscle… Read more »

What Does It Mean When Your Jaw Pops?

Does your jaw pop, click, or move slightly to the side when you open and close your mouth? While a popping jaw is common, it is not normal, and in severe cases, it can cause a great deal of discomfort. The difficulty in movement typically stems from a dysfunction within your jaw’s joints, which along… Read more »