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Will My Crown Look Natural?

When we see patients with damaged and misshapen teeth, or serious oral health issues, we can often correct the problem with a restoration. Because we know how important a beautiful smile is to our patients, we offer lifelike and custom-made restorations, such as our porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns (PFM).

How Do Dental Implants Preserve Your Smile?

We can replace missing teeth with removable dentures or even dental bridges, but over time your jawbone could continue to break down. Fortunately, we have an advanced treatment option that can help preserve your jawbone tissue. How do dental implants preserve your smile and offer lifelike tooth replacement?

Why Do I Need Root Canal Therapy?

Restorative dental treatments are typically designed with three main goals in mind – to stop the damage or decay from progressing, restore your bite’s function, and preserve as much healthy tooth structure as possible. In most cases, all three can be achieved with a minimally invasive, custom-designed treatment such as tooth filling. However, in more… Read more »

A Few Things to Know About Tooth Fillings

The principles behind many of today’s most advanced dental treatments haven’t changed much over the years. The materials, technology, and techniques have just become significantly more advanced. For instance, when it comes to treating cavities (or holes in your teeth caused by tooth decay), fillings have long been the best way to save teeth. Today,… Read more »