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Why You Should Plan For Prompt Action Against Tooth Loss

When you experience tooth loss, prompt action can benefit you. Seeking a prosthetic restoration for a missing tooth, or missing teeth, will help you avoid the issues this problem can create. Individuals who do leave a smile gap untreated can have a harder time biting and chewing food, and may feel reluctant to smile because… Read more »

Examining The Connection Between TMJ Troubles And Tooth Loss

If you have obvious gaps in your smile because of tooth loss, you may feel embarrassed, and worry that people make negative associations based on your condition. The cosmetic component of tooth loss is certainly important, but it is only one aspect that can merit concern. If you have lost teeth, there are oral health… Read more »

Planning Prosthetic And Cosmetic Dental Treatments

When patients are ready to make real improvements to their dental health after tooth loss, they can explore how prosthetic dental work can help. Your Lake Forest, IL dentist can provide you with a treatment experience that leads to a fully restored smile. By using dental implant support to hold your prosthetic, you can enjoy… Read more »

The Special Advantage Of An Implant-Supported Prosthetic

How should you approach the restoring of your incomplete smile? Is this merely a cosmetic procedure, or is there a way to make valuable improvements to your dental function by addressing tooth loss? Dental implants are able to give your prosthetic the kind of support that adds remarkable functional benefits. When your replacement tooth, or… Read more »

Working With You To Restore Your Incomplete Smile

Modern prosthetic dental work can provide patients who have suffered tooth loss the chance to have their complete smile back. The restorative treatment you undergo can supply you with replacement teeth that look remarkably like your natural teeth, while also being durable and secure enough to improve your dental function. One important advancement in the… Read more »

How Do Dental Bridges Work?

When it comes to rebuilding your smile after tooth loss, the right dental prosthesis must serve a number of different functions. For instance, besides restoring your smile’s appearance, it also has to restore your bite’s ability to function and your teeth’s ability to enunciate your words clearly. For many patients, that prosthesis is a custom-designed… Read more »

Choosing the Best Dental Bridge for You

Like all dental restorations, a dental bridge is tailored to your unique needs and preferences. The highly lifelike dental prosthesis is made to replace a lost tooth in a way that restores your smile’s appearance and your bite’s function without being obvious. Therefore, the replacement tooth (or pontic) and the crowns that support it must… Read more »

Is a Bridge the Right Answer to Tooth Loss?

Visiting your dentist after you lose a tooth can be exciting as well as intimidating. You can finally take the first step to restoring your smile, but you may worry whether or not you’re choosing the best option for replacing your lost tooth. In many cases, the best option is a custom-designed dental bridge, which… Read more »

Is a Dental Implant the Right Choice for Me?

Is a Dental Implant the Right Choice for Me?

When was the last time you were actually able to sit down with your family, and enjoy your meal, without worrying about how you would chew effectively or even comfortably? For adults who have suffered from tooth loss, even simple acts like sitting down to dinner, can begin to cause increasing anxiety. Fortunately, modern prostheses… Read more »