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Lake Forest Dentist Treats Black Triangles between Teeth

Take a look at any magazine photo or advertisement: uniform, straight teeth in cosmetically beautiful smiles usually don’t have discernible gaps. So if you have tiny black triangles between two or more of your teeth, you may feel self-conscious about their appearance, or maybe have wondered how they got there. Unfortunately, black triangles can indicate… Read more »

When Erosion Leads To A Need For More Than Whitening

When you see that your smile looks quite yellowed in the mirror, you may immediately assume that this esthetic issue is the result of staining. However, you may find yourself quite surprised when you meet with us, only to discover that we suggest something like porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns to fix your grin. Why… Read more »

What Are the Benefits of a Porcelain Crown?

There are any equally important benefits to restoring a damaged, decayed, or severely blemished tooth with a custom-designed dental crown. Made to completely cap the tooth, a crown prevents further dental damage while restoring the tooth’s ability to function as part of your bite. However, porcelain dental crowns offer a number of additional benefits for… Read more »

What Kind Of Crown Should Be Used To Protect Your Tooth?

Because our teeth are not able to repair themselves from more than minor damage, dental restorations are designed to last. The ideal restoration will protect your tooth, even as you use it to bite and chew food. That being said, many people are concerned about how dental work may affect their appearance. If you need… Read more »

Porcelain Care: Important Tips

What do you know about taking care of porcelain dental work? Are you a little worried because you’re about to receive a porcelain crown or veneers and you’re thinking perhaps you should have asked questions about maintenance before you scheduled your visit? Good news: There is absolutely nothing to worry about. We’ve got care tips… Read more »

Is a Dental Crown the Answer You Need?

Is a Dental Crown the Answer You Need?

Are you deeply embarrassed by your smile’s noticeable metal dental work? Worse, has it become uncomfortable, or even seem to be failing in recent months? Eventually, dental work generally requires replacement. Fortunately, for patients who do find themselves sin need of a new dental crown, porcelain crowns provide a natural-looking and comfortable alternative to the… Read more »

Is a Dental Filling or Crown What’s Best for Your Smile?

Is a Dental Filling or Crown What’s Best for Your Smile?

Are you concerned that you might be in need of restorative dentistry? Dental problems, like cavities, are only likely to worsen over time. That is, without restorative treatment. This is because the teeth are strong, but they do not have the same ability to repair themselves that other parts of the body possess. Fortunately, modern… Read more »