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What Happens if I Don’t Floss?

For many people flossing is at the very bottom of their priority list. It can seem cumbersome, and many see it as unnecessary. “If I’m brushing my teeth, what’s the big deal about flossing?” Unfortunately, while brushing is a good start, it can still leave behind plaque and bacteria. Dentists don’t just recommend, but strongly… Read more »

Dental Materials: Zirconia

Dental materials are getting better all the time. They are more esthetic, easier for the dentist or laboratory technician to sculpt and mold, have more disadvantages once they are placed, and last longer than earlier favorites. Porcelain is the most commonly used dental material today, but zirconia is fast becoming one of the favored dental… Read more »

A Word About Dental Materials

There are several dental materials in use today, and new and improved ones are always being developed. During historical times dentures used to consist of animal teeth and the teeth of deceased people. Today you can have dentures made with porcelain teeth that look and function just like real teeth. That’s because dentistry continues to… Read more »

Cavity Repair Gel?

If you have had several cavities you may be tired of getting your teeth filled. Just the sound of the drill can be annoying if not downright terrifying. And if you’ve had teeth filled, there is the chance that you may need to have them filled again when your fillings wear, crack, or fall out…. Read more »

Broken Tooth?

Feeling your tooth crack or break can be scary. Not only do you know you can’t avoid a trip to the dentist, but you can see dollar signs. Have no fear. There are plenty of ways to fix a tooth. Some are more complex and expensive than others, and the proper treatment will depend upon… Read more »