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Do You Wake Up with Sore Cheeks and Temples?

illustration of woman experiencing pain in temples

Some people experience pain and tension in their facial regions after waking up. Sleep is supposed to rejuvenate your mind and body after a long day of work or school. Unfortunately, some people wake up with even more tension and pain. Headaches, dizziness, earaches, and jaw pain experienced immediately after waking are often closely associated… Read more »

What Happens if I Don’t Floss?

For many people flossing is at the very bottom of their priority list. It can seem cumbersome, and many see it as unnecessary. “If I’m brushing my teeth, what’s the big deal about flossing?” Unfortunately, while brushing is a good start, it can still leave behind plaque and bacteria. Dentists don’t just recommend, but strongly… Read more »

What is the Best Way to Whiten Teeth?

With everything from natural home remedies to over-the-counter products being touted as the latest breakthrough in teeth whitening technology, it can be hard to know which is the best solution for whitening teeth. In fact, many whitening treatments can be effective. But the best way to brighten your teeth is by choosing the option that… Read more »

Cosmetic Dental Questions You’ve Been Wanting To Ask

Cosmetic dentistry can seem mysterious and off limits to those of us who know little about it. At one time it seemed as if cosmetic dental treatments were only for the rich and famous. Today cosmetic treatments are becoming more and more popular among the general public. While the cost of cosmetic treatments varies, they… Read more »