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What Your Oral Health Can Tell You

Your body is made up of many different systems. But no one system exists in and of itself. Each system is dependent on the others. For instance, your brain (nervous system) tells your heart to beat (circulatory system). Our muscles, skin, and organs rely on our skeletal system (our bones) to hold them up, but… Read more »

The Importance of Flossing Your Teeth

Do you brush your teeth regularly? Perhaps you wouldn’t think of skipping a brushing. There are many people that brush religiously, yet do not floss. Less than half of Americans floss daily and 10 percent don’t floss at all. Both brushing and flossing are important to your dental health. Flossing helps prevent cavities, gingivitis, and… Read more »

What You Should Know About Periodontal Disease

Other than tooth decay, periodontitis is the leading threat to dental health. Numerous studies have indicated a link between dental health, mental health, and your overall health.  Poor oral health has been associated with heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and lung infections. When it was believed that oral health was a problem in and of… Read more »

Dental Care: Women vs Men

Women tend to be caretakers. They take care of their children, their husbands, their parents, stray animals, even their children’s friends. If there is someone to take care of, they will do it. Research shows that women also take better care of their teeth than men. This can be an important factor regarding men’s health…. Read more »

Lake Forest Dentist: Protect Your Gums

  When people consider cosmetic dentistry to improve their smile, they rarely consider their gums. While Americans spend over 1.4 billion dollars a year on teeth whitening systems, over 75% of the country experiences symptoms of gum disease. In today’s blog, Lake Forest cosmetic dentist, Dr. James Fondriest, explains the importance of our gums and… Read more »

Facts about Gum Recession from Your Lake Forest Dentist

We expect to slow down in our old age, but not everyone anticipates receding gums. But there are ways to live with the onset of gum recession and still enjoy each day without complications. Understanding the challenges of receding gums is helpful in combating problems that may come up, like gum disease. Lake Forest restorative… Read more »