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Good News About Tooth Loss

We may never be able to completely prevent tooth loss for everyone, but the good news is that today’s dentistry offers a wealth of preventive measures to help most patients avoid it. It also offers highly lifelike materials and techniques for replacing lost teeth so that patients can regain their confidence in their smiles. While… Read more »

How Implants Can Improve Your Bridge or Denture

The good thing about modern bridges and dentures is that they can be crafted to mimic healthy, natural teeth so well that they often remain unnoticeable when in place. However, despite their highly lifelike appearance and ability to fully restore your bite function, custom-designed dental bridges and dentures still lack a few important elements that… Read more »

Not Really Sure What An Implant Is? We Can Help!

You may find yourself quickly agreeing with others in conversation that of course, dental implants are the best for replacing missing teeth! However, you then realize that while you feel fully on board with this idea because you’ve heard about them so frequently (and always in the best light), you don’t really know what they… Read more »

The Special Advantage Of An Implant-Supported Prosthetic

How should you approach the restoring of your incomplete smile? Is this merely a cosmetic procedure, or is there a way to make valuable improvements to your dental function by addressing tooth loss? Dental implants are able to give your prosthetic the kind of support that adds remarkable functional benefits. When your replacement tooth, or… Read more »

Working With You To Restore Your Incomplete Smile

Modern prosthetic dental work can provide patients who have suffered tooth loss the chance to have their complete smile back. The restorative treatment you undergo can supply you with replacement teeth that look remarkably like your natural teeth, while also being durable and secure enough to improve your dental function. One important advancement in the… Read more »

Comparing Dental Implants to Other Prostheses

Replacing missing teeth has long been an important part of dentistry. Some of the biggest advancements have come in the form of highly lifelike, long-lasting dental prostheses, such as dental bridges, partials, and complete dentures. Today, however, the most advanced tooth replacements also come with the support of dental implant posts, which are the first… Read more »