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Working With You To Restore Your Incomplete Smile

Modern prosthetic dental work can provide patients who have suffered tooth loss the chance to have their complete smile back. The restorative treatment you undergo can supply you with replacement teeth that look remarkably like your natural teeth, while also being durable and secure enough to improve your dental function. One important advancement in the… Read more »

Comparing Dental Implants to Other Prostheses

Replacing missing teeth has long been an important part of dentistry. Some of the biggest advancements have come in the form of highly lifelike, long-lasting dental prostheses, such as dental bridges, partials, and complete dentures. Today, however, the most advanced tooth replacements also come with the support of dental implant posts, which are the first… Read more »

Why So Many People Get Dental Implants

Dental implants made an enormous impact on the world of dentistry when they first became a routine part of prosthetic treatment. The small titanium posts are inserted into your jawbone, and are the first viable option for replacing the roots of your lost teeth. As such, they offer a large number of benefits for your… Read more »

How Dental Implants Address Tooth Loss

The most obvious effects of tooth loss are the way the missing teeth affect your smile’s appearance. Though less obvious, your bite’s function also suffers due to the imbalance. In most cases, a custom-designed bridge, partial, or complete denture can easily address those concerns. However, there are more issues with missing teeth that have a… Read more »

Other Great Benefits of Dental Implants

For patients who’ve suffered tooth loss, dentists often recommend replacing them with an appropriate number of dental implants. One of the most significant reasons why is because implant posts are the only way to replace the roots of your lost teeth, which used to rest within your jawbone. By doing so, dental implants come closer… Read more »

Why Implants Make Sense for Your Dental Bridge

Dental bridges aren’t a new development in dentistry. In fact, they’ve helped tooth loss patients regain confidence in their smiles for centuries. Today, they’re simply made from more lifelike materials than ever before (such as highly realistic dental porcelain) and designed to fit more precisely with the help of digital technology. The other advantage that… Read more »

How to Make Dental Implants Last for Life

Dental issues may be common, but for the most part, preserving your healthy, natural teeth is often as simple as sticking to good hygiene and visiting your dentist regularly. As dental issues develop, however, that process can become more complicated, especially if you have a restoration placed on one or more of your teeth. In… Read more »

Can Your Dentures Use a Few Dental Implants?

Dentures are one of the oldest forms of dentistry. Today, dentures are designed and crafted with such realism that they’re usually undetectable when in place. However, even the most advanced dentures lack something that your healthy, natural teeth rely on—the support of a root, or anchor, held securely within your jawbone. Today, we examine how… Read more »

More Questions About Dental Implants

Increasingly more patients are experiencing the significant benefits of choosing dental implants to replace their lost or extracted teeth. Yet, for those who have missing teeth and have not yet chosen to replace them with dental implants, there may still be many questions about why implants are the best option. Today, we take a look… Read more »