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Can You Be Immune To Cavities?

digital image of tooth with cavity

Is it Decay Immunity or just good Cavity Prevention? Tooth decay is an international chronic infectious health disease in industrialized and developing countries, especially in young children. Early Childhood Caries (ECC) begins early in life, progresses rapidly, and causes immediate and long-term effects. People suffering from tooth decay, particularly untreated decay, and especially children, can… Read more »

Signs That You Need to Visit the Dentist

The trouble with most dental health issues is that, unlike a small cut or the common cold, problems with your oral health don’t typically resolve themselves. Dental diseases are usually progressive, and protecting your oral health depends on prompt action to halt the disease and repair any dental damage. When trouble does occur, many patients… Read more »

What Nature’s Teeth Can Teach Us

Did you know that, besides diamonds, the enamel around your teeth is the most resilient, naturally-occurring substance on earth? This may surprise people who already know that tooth enamel is also as brittle as glass. Its unique construction has spurred NASA scientists to study its molecular formation as inspiration for the next wave of air… Read more »

Do I Really Need to Be Flossing Everyday?

Do I Really Need to Be Flossing Everyday?

Brushing your teeth twice a day is an important way to prevent dental cavities. Unfortunately, brushing alone is usually not sufficient for keeping tartar buildup at bay. That is why dentists so strongly urge patients to floss daily, as well. Flossing can help to remove the bacteria and food particles that can lodge between teeth,… Read more »

Can Your Family Do More to Protect Your Teeth? Part Two

Can Your Family Do More to Protect Your Teeth? Part Two

Keeping one’s smile healthy is important for a number of reasons. Good oral health is essential to maintaining a beautiful smile. More importantly, it can help prevent discomfort and eventually pain, as well as the need for an extraction. A healthy smile is also important for maintaining proper nutrition, and avoiding complications that can be… Read more »

Does Your Smile Need Care As You Age?

Does Your Smile Need Care As You Age?

Now that you’ve celebrated several birthdays, are you wondering if you should actually be doing more to help protect your smile? Perhaps you are more concerned by obvious signs of aging, that are causing your smile to look older than you are, and certainly much older than you feel. Fortunately, restorative dental treatment like crowns,… Read more »

Protect Your Oral Health With These Simple Tips: Part Two

Protect Your Oral Health With These Simple Tips: Part Two

As someone interested in keeping your smile healthy, you may have already taken several steps to help prevent dental cavities and other oral health threats. But, do you still wonder if there is more you could be doing to keep your smile healthy? While daily hygiene is a good start to keeping the smile healthy,… Read more »

Are You Late for a Very Important Date with Your Dentist?

Are You Late for a Very Important Date with Your Dentist?

Are you having a hard time remembering the last time you visited your preventive dentist? If a different president was in office, or stamps cost less than they do now, chances are you are already overdue for your next dental appointment. That’s because regular checkups and cleanings are one of the best ways to protect… Read more »

Can You Do More to Prevent Cavities? Part Two

Can You Do More to Prevent Cavities? Part Two

Are you bound and determined to spend 2017 enjoying better oral health than you did last year? While you may have fallen behind on other resolutions, this year, it’s never too late to form healthier habits, particularly when it comes to protecting your smile. Cavity prevention isn’t complicated, either. It simply requires that you make… Read more »

Want to Enjoy Great Overall Health? Eat a Healthy and Delicious Diet

Want to Enjoy Great Overall health? Eat a Healthy and Delicious Diet

Do you feel like you are frequently sacrificing great flavor and good nutrition for the sake of convenience? If you regularly find yourself eating food from a drive-thru window or grabbing lunch from a vending machine, you could be struggling with a variety of side effects, from feeling sluggish and cranky, to potentially damaging your… Read more »

How Much Do You Really Know About Dental Care?

How Much Do You Know About Dental Care?

Ever wondered how much you really know about how to best care for your smile? Have questions you’ve been too embarrassed to ask your dentist? Taking time to better understand what preventive dental care really requires, and then following through on your dentist’s advice, is a great way to help protect your smile from common… Read more »

Is Xylitol Good for Your Dental Health?

Can Xylitol Help Your Teeth?

Are you struggling to help keep your family cavity-free? Does it feel like no amount of hygiene, or healthy diet, is enough to keep bacteria from causing damaging acid erosion? Some people, including children, are more susceptible to cavities than others. This makes it difficult for them to avoid painful decay that can make teeth… Read more »

What Questions Do You Have About Dental Care? Part Two

Got Questions? Your Dentist Can Help

Ever wondered why your breath smells bad just a few minutes after your brush your teeth? Are you feeling tempted to skip your next dental appointment, because you don’t see how a cleaning could really be necessary when your smile already looks so healthy? There are a lot of questions people have about preventive dental… Read more »

Got Smile Questions? Ask Your Dentist

Do You Have Dental Questions?

Many people struggle with knowing how to properly care for their teeth and gums, yet they are too embarrassed to ask questions when they do see their dentists. From understanding proper flossing technique, to wondering if preventive care is really necessary, do you sometimes wish you could ask your dentist the pressing oral health care… Read more »

Dry Mouth Syndrome

Dry Mouth Syndrome

Have you been suffering from dry mouth recently? Do you frequently find yourself struggling with bad breath? Tooth discomfort and bleeding gums are easily recognized as symptoms of dental problems like cavities and gum disease. But did you know that there are many other warning signs that could be telling you that your smile is… Read more »

Are You Overdue for Preventive Dental Care?

Overdue for Dental care?

When was the last time you visited your general practitioner, in other words, your family doctor? Many insurance companies now require annual physicals, to help ensure their patients are healthy, but also so that the patients will be properly informed about any potential health risks they might be facing. Unfortunately, not all patients receive the… Read more »

Could Drinking More Water Protect Your Oral Health?

Can Water Protect Your Oral Health?

As someone who takes great pride in your smile, you likely already take several steps to help keep your teeth and gums healthy. You may brush and floss daily, and attend regular preventive dental checkups and cleanings. You might even avoid foods that are high in sugar, which can contribute to cavity development and other… Read more »

College Bound? Don’t Forget to Care for Your Smile

Tips for Caring for Your Smile in College

Young children aren’t the only ones heading back to school this fall. If you are a college student, you will likely soon be starting classes of your own. While many young adults find themselves on extremely tight budgets, during their collegiate years, that doesn’t mean that your dental health needs to suffer. Preventive dental care… Read more »

A Crash-Course on Cavities

It has affected over 90% of adults in America, and it is the most common chronic disease among school-aged children, yet many people do not even consider it a disease. Nevertheless, once tooth decay causes cavities to form in one or more of your teeth, seeking relief from the discomfort can become top priority fairly… Read more »

When’s the Best Time to Schedule a Dental Checkup?

Brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day is fairly easy, and it’s important to the continued good health of your teeth and gums. However, the simple act at home is not enough to maintain your healthy smile in the long-run. All patients, regardless of age, should attend regular checkup and cleaning appointments, usually… Read more »

Feel Your Best by Fighting That Canker Sore

Ouch! Most Canker Sores Can Be Treated at Home

You have worked hard to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile, through regular dental care and even professional teeth whitening! Unfortunately you don’t feel like showing it off much, when you have a canker sore. Many children and adults alike, struggle with canker sores. But knowing they are common won’t make you feel any better…. Read more »

When Is It Really Time to See The Dentist?

When Is It Time for Dental Treatment

Sure you know you are supposed to schedule regular dental checkups, but have you neglected those in years past, believing you only really need to visit the dentist if you notice a problem? Many people postpone or eliminate preventive dental visits, thinking that if their teeth look and feel healthy, that is all that matters…. Read more »

Maintain a Beautiful Smile Through Preventive Care

Healthy Smiles Through Preventive Care

When was the last time you visited the dentist? If it has been years, is it because of busyness, financial constraints, or due to dental anxiety? Regardless of the reason, there are many compelling advantages to seeking regular dental care. That’s because preventive care, like regular dental checkups, is one of the simplest and best… Read more »

Enjoy The Season While Caring for Your Smile: Part One

Seasonal Preventive Care Tips

Many people worry about packing on a few pounds over the holiday season. Spending so much time celebrating with family and friends, often around a kitchen table, can cause waistbands to expand during the cold winter months. But your belt may not be the only casualty of consistent overeating. Eating too many sugary treats or… Read more »

Could You Floss More Effectively?

Particularly for individuals who have porcelain crowns or veneers – or individuals who have brightened their teeth with teeth whitening – daily hygiene means a healthy smile as well as maintaining a sparkling smile. If you have a solid handle on brushing your teeth and you schedule dental cleanings once every six months, you are certainly… Read more »

Pet dental health | It’s Not Too Late for your pet’s teeth

It may be the last few days of February which is National Pet Dental Health Month but it is never too late to take care of your pet’s dental health no matter the month.  The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) declared February National Pet Dental Health Month because they want to boost awareness regarding the… Read more »

Tooth Decay On Indian Reservations

Dental caries, or childhood tooth decay, is a concern world-wide. One might wonder why anyone in the U.S. should have to worry about childhood tooth decay with fluoridated water supplies and advanced dental technology. What is even more worrying is the percentage of tooth decay among the Navajo Nation and American Indians overall.  Research has… Read more »

Olympic Teeth

Olympic athletes are larger than life to us average Joes. They seem to have everything they need: coaches, doctors, sports therapists. They have Olympic lives, Olympic bodies, Olympic medals, and Olympic teeth. Stop. The fact is that Olympic athletes have poor dental health. They don’t have what you would imagine to be Olympic teeth: perfect… Read more »

Tooth Erosion And What Causes It

Everybody worries about cavities because they are uncomfortable and inconvenient. While many of you don’t mind getting your teeth cleaned, most of you probably do mind getting cavities filled. Cavities aren’t the only thing to worry about when it comes to your dental health. There is tooth erosion, abrasion, and attrition. All of them are… Read more »

Bisphosphantes with Dental Problems | Is Your Jaw Safe

For those of you who have denture phobia (the fear of having to wear dentures) you may worry obsessively about your teeth and the health of your gums. Tooth loss is most commonly caused by periodontal disease, which in most cases can be avoided, and periodontal disease affects your gums. However, there are things that… Read more »

Holiday Gag-Gift Ideas

Does your dentist or dental hygienist have a good sense of humor? If so, there are some really cute dental-related gag gifts to make them shine their bright smile this Christmas. Looking for something that does more than just collect dust? Some of these gifts are even practical and can be used year in and… Read more »

Posture And Poor Dental Health

Does your posture have anything to do with your dental health? Good posture has much to do with many aspects of your health actually. You probably didn’t think standing up straight was really important but not only does your posture affect the way you feel mentally (happy or depressed), and the way you feel physically… Read more »

Do Your Genetics Affect The Strength Of Your Tooth Enamel?

Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in your body. It protects your inner tooth (the dentin and pulp) from decay. Mature enamel consists of 96 percent minerals, 3 percent water, and 1 percent organic material. It is hard and fracture tough, yet tooth decay or childhood caries is a chronic worldwide disease. Caries begins on… Read more »

Pancreatic Cancer and Gum Disease?

If you’ve been keeping up on the developments with periodontal disease and other health problems, then you probably won’t be surprised to find that periodontal disease may also be linked to pancreatic cancer.  So far periodontal disease has been linked to a host of other chronic illnesses including heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, high blood pressure,… Read more »

Healthy Teeth Help Digestion

The reason dentures were invented is because without healthy teeth you cannot eat healthy. Your teeth allow you to masticate hard, tough, and crunchy foods. A variety of different foods provide a variety of vitamins and minerals that keep your body healthy. Perhaps you didn’t know that the digestive process begins in your mouth, and… Read more »

Athletes: Take Care Of Your Oral Health

The lack of oral health among professional athletes is surprising. One might think they have access to the best oral and dental health available. So why is their oral health so bad? Not only can poor oral health have adverse effects on your overall health, according to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, athletes themselves… Read more »

Better Dental Care, Healthier Hospital Stay

Considering the research, the importance of dental and oral health cannot be underestimated. The effects of your oral health reach far beyond your teeth and mouth. There are new research developments everyday that prove the connections. In today’s blog, your Lake Forest Dentist, Dr. Fondriest, explains why better dental care means a healthier hospital stay.

Periodontal Disease And Impotence

Men beware, not only has periodontal disease been linked to many systemic health problems including diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, it has been linked to impotence as well. So if you are a man looking for a reason to take better care of your teeth and gums, don’t wait to make a New Year’s resolution…start… Read more »

Rotten Relationships, Rotten Teeth

It has been all over the dental news that oral health affects your overall health, but how does emotional health affect your oral health? A recent study has shown that people in emotionally abusive and physically aggressive relationships present with more cavities. The findings were strong and consistent: the more aggressive the relationship the more… Read more »

More News on Childhood Caries

As soon as you thought you knew everything there is to know about childhood caries there’s more. Childhood caries is a chronic and infectious disease in young children and mostly seen in minority and poor populations. Caries is tooth decay, and ironically is common and widespread among children in the U.S. despite the available preventative… Read more »

Keeping Your Teeth White After Whitening

You might think your teeth are going to stay white for some time after over-the-counter whitening but they may not stay white for as long as you hope. To help keep your teeth white, however, there are some things you can do. In today’s blog, your Lake Forest Dentist, Dr. Fondriest, gives you some tips regarding… Read more »

Exercise and Oral Health

You know exercise is good for you. It provides many health benefits. Some of those benefits include, lowering your blood pressure, strengthening your heart, losing weight, controlling your glucose levels, and boosting your mood. What you probably didn’t you know is that exercise is also good for your oral health. In today’s blog your Lake… Read more »