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Signs That You Probably Need to Visit the Dentist

The trouble with most dental health issues is that, unlike a small cut or the common cold, problems with your oral health don’t typically resolve themselves. Dental diseases are usually progressive, and protecting your oral health depends on prompt action to halt the disease and repair any dental damage. When trouble does occur, many patients… Read more »

What Nature’s Teeth Can Teach Us

Did you know that, besides diamonds, the enamel around your teeth is the most resilient, naturally-occurring substance on earth? This may surprise people who already know that tooth enamel is also as brittle as glass. Its unique construction has spurred NASA scientists to study its molecular formation as inspiration for the next wave of air… Read more »

Can Your Family Do More to Protect Your Teeth? Part Two

Can Your Family Do More to Protect Your Teeth? Part Two

Keeping one’s smile healthy is important for a number of reasons. Good oral health is essential to maintaining a beautiful smile. More importantly, it can help prevent discomfort and eventually pain, as well as the need for an extraction. A healthy smile is also important for maintaining proper nutrition, and avoiding complications that can be… Read more »