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How to Deal with a Dental Emergency

The good news about modern preventive dental care is that you can largely avoid the most common and destructive dental health issues, like cavities and gum disease. Your dentist can even detect less obvious threats to your smile, like bruxism and TMJ disorder, and treat them before you experience tooth wear or damage. However, even… Read more »

How to Come Out On Top in a Dental Emergency

If you fall and break your tooth, you’ll probably know that you need emergency treatment. Yet, some dental emergencies are a little more subtle, and may develop gradually until they become a dire situation. Most dental emergencies, however, involve some form of tooth sensitivity and pain. If your tooth suddenly hurts, then you might be… Read more »

Top Four Holiday Dental Offenders

Don’t be a dental emergency statistic. During the holidays you don’t like thinking about emergencies. You like to hope that all goes well and you and your family come out on the other end healthy and happy, and most of the time all goes well. However, there are those occasional mishaps, and some of them… Read more »

Lake Forest Dentist Restores Broken Teeth

What do you do when you a break a tooth? Many people don’t realize that a broken tooth can lead to serious dental issues if they don’t seek immediate treatment. Thankfully, at Lake Forest Dental Arts, we not only repair your broken tooth, our team of dental professionals can also completely restore your tooth, as… Read more »

Your Chicago Dentist Discusses Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

If you’re vigilant about your dental hygieneand see your Chicago dentist twice a year for cleanings and checkups, you’re handling your oral care well. You should experience relatively few dental problems. However, dental issues occasionally arise, despite the best habits. If you experience any of the symptoms discussed below, make an appointment with Dr. Fondriest… Read more »