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Mistletoe Time: Is Your Experience Magnificent Or Maddening?

There are usually two types of feelings you can have when you walk into a room and realize you (and another individual) are standing beneath the mistletoe when it comes to your smile. If you love your smile, then you will feel magnificent about this funny moment! If not, then a potentially friendly and silly… Read more »

Cosmetic Changes: Things To Get Excited About

Whether you’re thinking about talking with our Lake Forest, IL team about porcelain veneers, whitening, or other cosmetic care, one thing is certain: There is an awful lot to get excited about! However, if you have tried to learn about cosmetic improvements with other practices before or you are simply new to this field of… Read more »

Key Elements Of Smile Design Offering Improvement

When you think about cosmetic dentistry in general, you may have a vague idea that you can come in, talk with us about treatments, and make your smile look significantly more impressive than it does at this very moment. What may not be so clear, however, includes categories regarding those esthetic issues we can fix…. Read more »

Questions You Should Feel Confident Asking Your Cosmetic Dentist

There are questions you may already feel perfectly fine asking your cosmetic dentist at our Lake Forest, IL practice. You might not feel funny asking how we can whiten your smile or if we can fix a chip. However, when your questions make you feel hesitant because you worry about what the answer might be… Read more »