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How Tooth Bonding Works, and Other Questions

Part of the beauty of modern cosmetic tooth bonding is its simplicity. The procedure involves simply bonding tooth-colored composite resin to a specific area of your tooth, then shaping, hardening, and polishing it to match your tooth’s natural appearance. Cosmetic tooth bonding works by concealing or rebuilding blemished tooth structure, but its simplicity is only… Read more »

What Is Tooth Bonding Good For?

The goals of any dental treatment are to make your smile look better as well as remain healthy and fully functional. That typically means maintaining a careful balance between improving a tooth’s appearance and preserving as much of its healthy, natural structure as possible. Cosmetic tooth bonding is designed to accomplish all of these goals… Read more »

Teeth Spaces: What Can I Do?

Do you take a look at your smile and feel a little bit down about the fact that you have gaps between your teeth? Maybe they’re small spaces. Perhaps you have always just imagined you have skinny teeth but now that you think about it, it might actually be the fact that there’s a bit… Read more »