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Do You Wake Up with Sore Cheeks and Temples?

illustration of woman experiencing pain in temples

Some people experience pain and tension in their facial regions after waking up. Sleep is supposed to rejuvenate your mind and body after a long day of work or school. Unfortunately, some people wake up with even more tension and pain. Headaches, dizziness, earaches, and jaw pain experienced immediately after waking are often closely associated… Read more »

3 Things Bruxism Does to Your Smile

Bruxism is the formal name for the constant, unconscious grinding of your teeth. Though commonly referred to as a habit, the truth is that bruxism is a chronic condition, and patients who experience it often can’t stop even if they wanted to. The good news is that your dentist can likely treat your condition with… Read more »

Are Your Teeth Wearing Down? We Can Help!

Tooth damage comes in many forms. For instance, things like cracks and fractures are the most well-known types of damage, and can occur to varying degrees depending on each patient’s unique dental health. Sometimes, though, the strength and integrity of your teeth can be compromised even when no crack or fracture is present. If your… Read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry when You Have Bruxism

Smile improvement is something that most of us consider at some point in our lives. With today’s advanced techniques and dental technologies, more people can enjoy that improvement. However, some things can affect your smile’s appearance without you realizing it, or can impact the success of your cosmetic dental treatment. For instance, if you have… Read more »

Why Ignoring Bruxism Is Hazardous

It’s easy to ignore the fact that you’re grinding your teeth when you’re stressed or angry. It’s just as easy to miss it when you experience bruxism, which describes consistently grinding your teeth. The trouble with ignoring bruxism is that the persistent friction and grinding can make your teeth weak and sensitive, wearing them down… Read more »

The Trouble with Grinding Your Teeth

Some things are obviously a threat to your dental health. Eat too much sugar, for instance, and you’re more likely to get a cavity. Smoke cigarettes and you’ll be at a much higher risk for cavities, gum disease, and much worse. However, there are times when the greatest threat to your dental health isn’t so… Read more »

Why Some People Chronically Grind Their Teeth

You may not realize it as you occasionally grind your teeth together, but the habit of doing so could be a potentially serious dental issue. Most people clench their jaws and grit their teeth when under extreme pressure or physical strain, or when experiencing a strong negative emotion, like anger. However, many people chronically grind… Read more »