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What You Need to Know to Cure Bad Breath

When your breath is noticeably bad, it can be a seemingly endless source of embarrassment. When your bad breath doesn’t go away, that embarrassment can turn into worry about what may be causing your condition. While bad breath is sometimes no big deal (such as after eating onions or garlic), chronic bad breath – also… Read more »

A Few Interesting Facts About Bad Breath

Everyone deals with bad breath at some point in their lives (like morning breath), and many people experience chronic bad breath that doesn’t go away easily. While bad breath can be bothersome by itself, the fact that you can’t get rid of it can make the situation that much more stressful. Thankfully, dealing with bad… Read more »

When Morning Breath Lasts All Day

When it comes to your dental health, timing is everything. For instance, if your breath is less than fresh when you wake up in the morning, it’s probably nothing to worry about. However, if your breath is bad throughout the rest of the day despite brushing and flossing your teeth, then you might want to… Read more »

How to Keep Bad Breath Away for Good

Are you afraid to stand to close to people when you speak for fear that they may smell your breath? Have you tried every dental hygiene product on the market, but still can’t get rid of it? While everyone deals with bad breath once in a while, the cases that don’t go away are usually… Read more »

What Could Be Causing Bad Breath?

What Could Be Causing Bad Breath?

Halitosis is the technical term for bad breath. It can refer to the occasional bad breath that we have all gotten after our morning coffee or our overload on garlic bread. It can also refer to the chronic bad breath that occurs that could be signaling to a serious problem. So, how do you know… Read more »

Why Bad Breath Is More than Just Embarrassing

Bad breath can be embarrassing, and if you’re aware of it, then it can cause you to limit interactions with other people or avoid face-to-face conversations altogether. But in many cases, bad breath is more than just embarrassing; it’s also a harbinger of dental health issues that could potentially become serious problems. If you have… Read more »

Got Bad Breath?

Bad breath seems like such a simple thing. Got bad breath? Pop a mint. Got bad breath? Use mouthwash. Got bad breath? Brush your teeth. Got bad breath? Chew some sugar-free gum. For people who have chronic bad breath, or halitosis, it is not that easy. There are many conditions that can cause halitosis, including… Read more »