Can Your Smile Be Restored Seamlessly? Part Two

Could a Crown Give You a Seamless Smile?

Most people want a beautiful smile, as well as a healthy one. That is why cosmetic dentistry remains popular with patients of all ages, and helps explain why seamless restorations have gained traction in recent years. While amalgam metal was once the main material used for dental fillings, and silver and gold the primary materials for dental crowns, now many dentists recommend non-metal alternatives. Not only do these provide functional benefits in many cases, they are nearly seamless, as well. That means you can improve your oral health, while also improving the appearance of your smile!

Could a Porcelain Crown Improve Your Smile?

Porcelain crowns have become incredibly popular in recent years, thanks to the number of benefits they provide.

  1. First, porcelain is strong and naturally stain-resistant, much like teeth’s enamel. In fact, porcelain is approximately 90 percent as strong as tooth enamel.
  2. Because porcelain is so similar to natural teeth, porcelain crowns can be brushed and cared for the same as natural teeth, making dental hygiene simple and convenient.
  3. Porcelain can also be used to create nearly seamless restorations. That’s because it can be crafted to match your natural teeth in shape, size and even contouring. Porcelain even has the same translucent properties of enamel, helping to add to the natural-look of a porcelain crown.
  4. With proper dental hygiene and regular checkups and cleanings, a porcelain crown can last ten years or more.
  5. Porcelain is less conductive than metal, making it more comfortable than metal crowns for many patients. Plus, it is safe for patients with metal allergies.
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