Can You Do More to Prevent Cavities? Part Two

Can You Do More to Prevent Cavities? Part Two

Are you bound and determined to spend 2017 enjoying better oral health than you did last year? While you may have fallen behind on other resolutions, this year, it’s never too late to form healthier habits, particularly when it comes to protecting your smile. Cavity prevention isn’t complicated, either. It simply requires that you make smart decisions about what you’re eating and drinking, and also that you visit your dentist for key preventive care.

What Are You Eating on a Regular Basis?

A healthy diet can also be incredibly beneficial in helping to protect your smile. This means limiting how much sugar you consume on a daily basis, filling up on healthy and nutrient-rich foods, and also drinking water throughout the day, both to help gently rinse the mouth clean between brushings and also to supply your entire body with the water it needs to stay properly hydrated.

Many people don’t realize that water also helps the body produce saliva, which is a natural defense against tartar buildup. So, rather than reaching for a soda or a second cup of coffee in the afternoons, grab a glass of refreshing water, instead. It’s a better choice for both your smile and your waistline.

How Often Do You See the Dentist?

While good dental hygiene and a healthy diet are important ways to protect your smile, there is still one other important way to prevent cavities and other dental problems. That is by seeing your dentist regularly for preventive care.

Routine checkups and cleanings help your dentist check for burgeoning issues, before they can cause great damage to your teeth. These appointments also help to keep your smile looking its best, free of unsightly tartar buildup. Most dentists agree that patients over the age of one should visit at least twice a year for checkups and cleanings. That said, if you are particularly prone to cavities, either due to hereditary factors, poor hygiene or even as a result of medications you are taking, more frequent visits might be necessary to best protect your teeth.

Preventive Care Can Help You Avoid Cavities

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