Can You Do More to Prevent Cavities? Part One

Can You Do More to Prevent Cavities? Part One

Did you struggle with several dental problems last year that required restorative dentistry to address? For instance, were you diagnosed with several cavities that required dental fillings? Cavities are incredibly common, both for children and adults. Fortunately, they are preventable. Through a mix of healthy habits and routine professional care, you really can protect your teeth from acidic decay that can lead to cavities and even infection. You just need to commit to taking the necessary steps to keep those pearly whites in tip top shape.

Are You Caring for Your Teeth Everyday?

One simple way to protect your smile is by committing to brushing your teeth twice a day, and flossing between them at least once every day. While most adults do make brushing a priority, some studies indicate that only 30 percent of adults in America even claim to floss their teeth on a regular basis, with even less actually flossing on a daily basis, as recommended by their preventive dentists.

When you skip flossing, you allow bacteria to build up in the small crevices between teeth where toothbrushes can’t adequately reach. Over time, this can lead to enamel erosion, and irritation of the gum tissue, as well. This is why millions of Americans are believed to struggle with the chronic condition of gum disease, and it’s also a leading cause behind cavities as well.

To keep your smile in better shape between dental cleanings, it’s best to floss and brush every single day. Combined, they only take a few minutes of your time, yet they can have great benefits for your oral health.

Protect Your Smile with Preventive Care

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