Can My Damaged Tooth Be Saved?

Can Your Damaged Tooth Be Saved?

Are you frustrated by a visibly damaged tooth? Chips and cracks can be embarrassing, cosmetically speaking, but they can also lead to worsening with wear that could eventually require the need for a tooth extraction. Even cavities, which can often be treated through simple restorations when detected early, can eventually lead to painful infections, if unaddressed. Fortunately, that is why restorative dentistry exists, to help protect teeth that have become fragile, decayed, or otherwise damaged, so patients can smile comfortably and confidently, even after a trauma or cavity!

A Dental Crown Could Help Protect Your Fragile Tooth

In the case of chips, cracks, and even some deep cavities, dental crowns are frequently recommended, because they help to protect teeth by creating a tight seal around them. This is excellent for preventing infection, as well as worsening of damage like chips because it allows the crown to bear the brunt of one’s chewing, rather than the tooth itself.

This can also help improve a patient’s comfort, particularly in the case of teeth that have become exposed to food and bacteria, which could lead to infection.

Root Canal Treatment Can Often Address Infections

If a tooth does become infected, root canal therapy will likely be necessary before a crown can be used to help seal the tooth. Root canal therapy involves removing any infected portions of the tooth, and then sanitizing the entire area before a restoration, like a crown, is placed.

While root canal therapy is more invasive than many other forms of dentistry, it is preferable to requiring a tooth extraction, and then the need for a prostheses.

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