Cure Your Smile’s Woes

Do You Need Restorative Dentistry Like a Crown?

Are you concerned because you recently suffered trauma to your smile? Were you in an automobile accident, or did you get injured at work or during an athletic event? If so, your teeth might be the last thought on your mind, initially following the accident. However, any trauma to your teeth should certainly be addressed, and as quickly as possible. You see, over time, dental trauma can lead to a variety of problems for your smile, some visible and others unseen. Intrinsic damage caused by trauma can lead to painful infections, for instance, and even minor chips and cracks can worsen as you eat, leaving you with badly damaged teeth that could eventually fall out. Even simple cavities, left untreated, can create the need for more extensive restorative treatment down the line, since teeth cannot repair themselves the way some body parts, like your skin, can. So if you fear you could need restorative dentistry to treat an issue your oral health is facing, it is wise to schedule an appointment quickly, so your dentist can help get you back to smiling confidently and comfortably, as well.

When Is a Crown the Right Form of Restoration?

In the case of many forms of damage caused by either decay or trauma, a dental crown is often the best form of restoration. That is because affixing crowns is a minimally invasive solution, yet a comprehensive and effective one.

  • A crown can be added quickly, and the procedure is fast and comfortable for most patients.
  • Yet crowns are also built to withstand the pressure one exerts while chewing, allowing fragile teeth beneath the crowns to remain safe.
  • Crowns can still be made of metal, but most patients and dentists now prefer the benefits of choosing porcelain crowns instead.
  • Porcelain crowns are designed to look incredibly natural, creating a beautiful and nearly seamless restoration. They can also last for more than ten years with proper care!
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