Can a Porcelain Crown Do That?

Can A Porcelain Crown Do That for You?

Are you frustrated by a dental problem that has caused your smile to look worse-for-wear, or one that is creating ongoing discomfort while you try to enjoy your meals? Have you suffered trauma to your smile, or noticed visible changes that could be indication of a cavity or another oral health threat? If so, you might be concerned about how your smile will look and feel, after restorative treatment. There is no reason to worry, though, when modern restorations like porcelain crowns make it possible to smile proudly and pleasantly once again.

Deep Cavity? A Crown Could Help

While most people think of dental fillings, when they think of cavity treatment, in some cases a filling may not be sufficient for restoring the smile. When a cavity has progressed for an extended period of time, leaving a large portion of the tooth exposed, the dentist may recommend a porcelain crown as restorative treatment, rather than a composite resin filling. That is because crowns are built to withstand even more pressure, while chewing, and provide a great barrier against food particles and bacteria that could lead to infection.

After root canal treatment, to rid a tooth of infection, a crown can also be used to help protect it against reinfection.

Dental Trauma? Reasons to Consider a Crown

In the case of chips and cracks, a crown might also be necessary. With general wear, chips and cracks can worsen over time, eventually leading to the loss of a tooth or the need for an extraction. However, if a chipped or cracked tooth receives a dental crown, shortly after damage is done to it, the treatment greatly increases the chance of saving the tooth, long-term.

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