Can A Crown Be the Solution Your Smile Needs?

Could a Crown Help Your Smile?

Are you worried that you could be suffering with a cavity? Almost 90 percent of adults will experience dental caries in their lifetimes. Sadly, these are not the only oral health threats commonly faced. You might also have seen or even felt a chip or crack in one of your teeth. While these might not seem like major issues or even causes of concern, left unaddressed even minor issues can cause big problems for one’s smile. That is because when the teeth became damaged, they are unable to heal in the same way other parts of the body are able. Therefore, restorative dentistry is needed to help protect against further wear. Fortunately, in many cases a dental crown makes an effective and even esthetically-pleasing solution!

Is Your Smile Showing Symptoms of Dental Wear?

If your smile is showing any symptoms of dental problems, it is important to schedule a restorative dental visit as soon as possible, lest the issue grow worse with time and/or wear. In the case of cavities, for instance, when they are detected early a dental filling can usually help. Left untreated, an infection could occur, requiring root canal treatment.

In the case of deep cavities, chips, cracks, and many other issues, crowns make an excellent solution because they can bear the brunt of chewing, allowing the teeth beneath them to remain in tact. Crowns can also be made to look natural, allowing for one of the most seamless smile solutions available! So if you know you need restorative dentistry, but don’t want it to negatively impact the beauty of your smile, talk to your dentist about how a crown could help!

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