Teeth Are the White Picket Fence

They say eyes are the windows to the soul. If that’s the case, then your teeth are the white picket fence on display out front. Think about it. Your smile is seen from further away than your eyes. Before people are close enough to determine your eye color, they notice that gap in the fence,… Read more »

On the Tip of Your Tongue: Part 2

Last time, we learned the truth behind some common lingual misconceptions. Today, we’ll learn some delicious facts about taste. Gustation is the ability to detect flavors. Most of our experience of flavors actually comes from smells; this is why nothing tastes quite right when you’ve got a cold or runny nose. A complete loss or… Read more »

On the Tip of Your Tongue: Part 1

Your tongue is one of the most amazing appendages in your body. It allows you to speak, swallow, whistle, and spit; its sensitive surface is studded with thousands of taste receptors. What do you know about yours? You might be surprised to learn that many widely-held beliefs about the tongue are myths and misconceptions. You… Read more »

Breaking Down: Your Chicago Dentist Repairs Dental Damage

We all remember how the terror of a loose tooth was offset by the subsequent visit from the Tooth Fairy. However, we only get one set of adult permanent teeth, and losing one is hardly a cause for celebration. Proper oral hygiene is the most important part of caring for your teeth, but minimizing and… Read more »

Time Machine: Cosmetic Dental Bonding

While the rest of the world has given up on time machines as a plausible means of conquering the world, Dr. Fondriest has succeeded in the next best thing: cosmetic dental bonding as a plausible time machine for teeth. Unwanted spaces, worn enamel, broken and chipped teeth, crooked and misaligned teeth, and permanently stained and… Read more »

Beneath the Surface: Dental X-Rays

Radiography is an irreplaceable diagnostic tool. Dental x-rays show issues like tooth decay, misalignment, soft tissue damage, and periodontal disease that escape visual detection. Children generally need regular x-rays to check on the progress of budding teeth and orthodontia, while most adults get x-rays infrequently. However, if you smoke, have periodontal disease, orthodontia, or chronic… Read more »

Whole Mouth, Whole Body: Caring For Your Health

When you have a dental examination, Dr. Fondreist looks at more than just your teeth. Early symptoms of many illnesses show up in the mouth. Good oral hygiene and paying attention to your lips, gums, cheeks, and tongue are part of keeping your whole body healthy. You should know what your mouth looks and feels… Read more »

Dentistry Discovers Time Machine: Traveling via Dental Bridges

Many of us have things about our past we would like to change. Time machines would sell like hot cakes. Remember when you said the wrong thing and it changed your fate forever? There was that one time when the game was tied and you missed the free throw at the buzzer, thereby losing the… Read more »

Black Triangles Between Teeth

Sometimes, the upper front teeth have black triangles between them, just under the gum line. The dark spaces are simply a lack of light, but they can be unsightly. This condition is often caused by gum recession, either from the natural effects of aging or from periodontal disease. Fortunately, correcting the dark triangles is possible… Read more »

Chronic Headaches? Could Be TMJ!

You may have heard about TMJ disorder, but did you know that this jaw problem can cause earaches, headaches, tingling fingers, and even chronic migraines? Your TMJs, or temporomandibular joints, connect your jaw to your skull, just below your ears. These hinge joints allow motion of the mouth, so the jaw can move back and… Read more »