Brush Before Bed?

Get home, check the mail, exercise, eat dinner, watch some TV or read, then shower, brush your teeth, and hit the sack. This is the routine for most Americans between 5 and 11pm, Monday through Friday. It seems like a good routine. There’s a balance of exercise, fueling the body, relaxing, and being responsible. Oral… Read more »

Warning: White Wine Stains Teeth

You may choose to sip on white wine at dinner because you’ve heard red wine will stain your teeth. Well, studies have found that white wine can also leave a mark on your smile. How Can White Wine Stain Tooth Enamel? White wine is acidic. In the mouth, acid causes tooth enamel to temporarily soften…. Read more »

Patient Testimonial: Porcelain Dental Bridge

“After a trauma occurred to my two front teeth at the age of 10 years old, I began a dreadful journey. My first diagnosis was two chipped teeth with one worse than the other. My parents then had braces put on, which I wore for only one year. I was told that I wasn’t wearing… Read more »

The Most Beautiful Smiles in Hollywood

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry reports that cosmetic dentists rank Natalie Portman’s smile as the best in Hollywood, followed by James Franco’s and Nicole Kidman’s. Annette Bening, Colin Firth, and Christian Bale came next. The dentists also reported on the most kissable mouths on the silver screen. For the females, Angelina Jolie came in… Read more »

One of the Many Benefits of Smiling

What would you do to find the fountain of youth? These days, it seems like many people would do anything, including going under the knife, to shave a few years off of their appearance. If you want to look younger instantly, however, go ahead and smile. It’s Mother Nature’s way of giving you a more… Read more »

Patient Testimonial: TMJ Headaches

“After 3 years of chronic TMJ pain, various treatments (such as biofeedback, physical therapy, and massage therapy), and countless doctors, I started to just accept that my headache and neck ache pain was always going to be a part of me. However, like all good stories, just when I had accepted my fate, my story… Read more »

Celebrities Who Need Smile Makeovers

Most celebrities have a reputation of having perfectly white, straight teeth. But not all! Here are a few of the rich and famous stars that could benefit from cosmetic dental work. Morgan Freeman: He didn’t start his career until later life, so he never paid much attention to a great smile. His teeth are stained… Read more »

Tooth Tattoos?

Today, body tattoos are wildly popular, particularly for people in their late teens to those hitting middle age. Reality television shows are dedicated to the culture surrounding body art, and tattoos are showing up everywhere – hands, wrists, necks, low-backs, feet, and teeth. Teeth? That’s right… there is such a thing as a tooth tattoo…. Read more »

Patient Testimonial: Low Preparation Veneers

“ It has taken me a lifetime to finally acquire a smile that makes me happy! My front teeth were broken in an accident at age twelve; and not one dentist was ever able to restore my smile to its original beauty- until YOU. Today, as I reviewed the photos you took of my smile,… Read more »

A Reason to Smile

Have you ever been around a group of bubbly people, and suddenly you started to feel giddy, too? This could be the result of a contagious smile. In the same way that yawning can make other people yawn, smiling can make others smile. In a Harvard study covered at NPR, we learn that smiling does… Read more »