Before You Say ‘I Do’ Get Your Smile Ready with Artistic Dentistry

Say Yes to Artistic Dentistry

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. That’s why she puts a great deal of time into every decision she makes, from how to wear her hair, to what shade of lipstick to use, to which necklace will best accent her gorgeous gown. But what about her smile? Sadly, in the rush to get to the altar, many brides (and grooms) overlook one of their best and most important features, their smiles! Don’t make that mistake, and end up left with wedding photos that make you want to do anything other than smile. Instead, talk to an artistic dentist about the benefits of cosmetic treatment, so that when it’s time to say “I do” to the man of your dreams, you will be ready with an equally dreamy smile.

What Treatment Is Best for You?

You probably already know that professional whitening could help lighten and brighten your smile, often much more quickly and effectively than over-the-counter products. But did you know that whitening is only one of the fast ways that an artistic dentist can help you greatly improve your smile?

Bonding and contouring are other fast ways to make a dramatic difference. In fact, both can be completed in about an hour. Bonding can be used to make small teeth appear more appropriately-sized, while contouring helps make overly large teeth more proportional. Both can help hide minor gaps.

Porcelain veneers are another beautiful way to address similar imperfections, and they can last over a decade with great dental care, making them an investment that will last long after your wedding day.

But one of the greatest benefits of seeing an artistic dentist, specifically, is that he or she can create a customized smile makeover that will truly leave you with a dazzling smile that is the stuff of dreams.

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