Are You Sure You Want to Drink That?

Drinks to Avoid for Good Oral Health

Do you ever wonder what all that soda is doing to your teeth? What about your daily cup of coffee? Many adults spend much of their day drinking caffeinated beverages to help keep them awake and energized. What they may not realize, though, is the harmful toll these drinks could be having on their teeth. If you care about your dental health, it is important to understand the role your diet, including what you drink, has on your teeth and gums’ health. Simply by making more informed decisions about the beverages you drink, you could actually help protect yourself from cavities, gum disease, and a host of other oral health issues!

Avoid Cavities and Other Dental Problems with a Healthy Diet

No one wants to be diagnosed with a dental cavity or other oral health problem. Yet many people never realize the way their dietary choices can impact their teeth and gums, either for better or for worse. A well-balanced diet provides your entire body with the nutrients that are needed to maintain oral health.

Drinks in particular, can be troublesome for teeth, because many people drink sweetened and acidic drinks throughout the day, not just at mealtime. The longer your teeth are exposed to sugars and highly acidic materials, the more likely acidic erosion is going to occur.

Actually one of the best things you can do to protect your oral health, is to drink more water. Water helps you produce saliva, which is a natural plaque fighter. Plus, the more water you are drinking, the less likely you are to reach for sodas, sports drinks, juices and other beverages that could actually be causing damage to your teeth’s enamel!

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