Are You Ready to Rebound from Tooth Loss?

Are You Ready to Rebound from Tooth Loss?

Can you remember how excited you felt the first time you lost a tooth as a child? You may have been so anxious to do so, in fact, that you actually hurried the process along. Unfortunately, as an adult, the emotions that accompany tooth loss are rarely pleasant. They tend to involve embarrassment, frustration, and even anxiety. Tooth loss can also raise a lot of questions. “How will my smile function after tooth loss? Will I ever be able to chew comfortably again?” The good news is that dental prosthetics, like implants, make it possible to recover from tooth loss. In fact, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn just how comprehensively a dental implant could help to complete your smile!

Ready to Restore Your Smile After Tooth Loss?

Tooth loss might initially seem like purely a cosmetic concern, particularly if the tooth is towards the front of your smile. Unfortunately, even a single lost tooth can cause problems for the rest of the smile.

When a tooth is missing, remaining teeth may try to shift to fill the created gap, leading to alignment problems that could be both embarrassing, cosmetically, and functionally troublesome. Eventually, misalignment of teeth can lead to discomfort or pain throughout the smile and the jaw.

Tooth loss can also cause the jaw to shrink, over time, eventually causing the entire facial structure to change.

An Implant Provides Extra Security

Dental implants are just one form of prostheses available. That said, they offer a number of benefits. Implants, specifically, help to address both missing teeth and the roots that once held them in place, allowing for better retention of the jaw’s structure. The mimic root also offers increased stability and security, essential to chewing comfortably and confidently.

Prosthetic Dentistry Could Help You

Prosthetic dentistry can help you get back to enjoying your smile as it was prior to tooth loss. You can schedule a prosthetic consultation with Dr. Fondriest by calling Lake Forest Dental Arts at (847) 234-0517. We welcome patients from the North Shore area of Chicago and the surrounding communities.

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